Halket Weitz LLP

Corporate and commercial transactions require counsel who have a solid foundation in all relevant areas of the law as well as deep business experience. We formed Halket Weitz to meet these needs. Our lawyers have spent their careers as both inside and outside counsel dealing with complex corporate issues for a wide spectrum of clients. For all of our clients, we bring a practical “deal doing” approach balancing “what can be done” with “what needs to be done.” For our larger clients, we provide broad experience in complex matters. And we help our early-stage clients navigate the many issues that arise -- from concept through startup, financing, growth, and exit strategy, at each stage identifying areas of concern and providing services scaled to the needs of the client.

We would be happy to speak with you to discuss how we can meet your needs for counsel, with no obligation or commitment.

Our clients have included technology companies in computers, e-commerce, electronics, telecommunications, medical equipment and biotech; universities; financial institutions such as private equity, venture capital, commercial and investment banks and accounting firms; and various consumer product and basic industrial companies in fashion, cosmetics, defense, motion pictures, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and materials sciences. The work for these clients has included domestic as well as international transactions in Europe, South Africa, Israel, South America, the Caribbean, Bermuda, India, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, and China.

Costs are important to all clients, never more than today. We provide quality legal representation consistent with client needs and budgets. Our hourly rates are competitive with smaller firms and significantly less than the big firms. We keep overhead low and manage time more efficiently than the large team firms. If a matter requires specialized resources or includes lower value tasks, we have resources readily available and will help manage the right resources for the job. We don’t treat ancillary items like faxing or photocopying as profit centers, and administrative tasks are borne by our firm. Our clients are charged only for disbursements that we actually incur out-of-pocket. We also encourage fixed fee, retainer or other alternative billing arrangements that can result in significant savings. For example, our part time General Counsel billing arrangement gives an emerging growth company the benefits of an in-house General Counsel without a new senior executive. Similarly, our early-stage company billing arrangement can, for apprpriate clients, reduce or eliminate impact on cash flow during the prefinancing stage of development.