Commercial transactions require an appreciation of the fine difference between the ideal and the practical. All too often in an attempt to obtain every possible advantage, lawyers kill deals, damage important business relationships, create unworkable agreements, or just drive up costs. International transactions raise additional concerns as it is necessary to appreciate and deal with parties from other countries that may have significantly different laws and customs. Halket Weitz clients benefit from experienced counsel who understand the commercial realities and legal complexities involved in a transaction whether it be domestic or international.

A combination of outside and in house experience gives the lawyers at Halket Weitz the ability to understand the most complex commercial matters and the judgment to respect a client's decision making in light of business objectives and legal issues. Experience representing both public and private companies and owenrs and licensees of intellectual property in a broad range of domestic and international transactions ensures that Halket Weitz can offer the best combination of judgment, expertise and practical experience.