Corporate & Finance

Organizing, planning and financing a business presents a wide range of choices, and many issues that are best addressed at the early stages of a company. If not carefully and timely considered, some issues can be difficult or impossible to remedy at a later date. For example, the failure to comply with all legal requirements pertaining to the issuance of a company’s securities may delay, and in some cases even frustrate, a subsequent sale of the company or public offering. More mature companies continue to have business and financing issues that need to be addressed to keep a company successful. Lawyers at Halket Weitz understand the problems emerging companies face, their budget constraints, and the need for counsel who understand the present and future of their business operations, including exit strategies.

The lawyers at Halket Weitz have decades of experience advising their clients on corporate securities and organizational matters. Both in house and in private practice they have handled corporate, securities and general business counseling, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, early and late stage public and private debt and equity financings for clients in fields such as computers, the internet, telecommunications, medical equipment and biotechnology, financial institutions, consumer product and basic industrial products.